Fleur de Lis Radiator Flange 1 11/16 in. I.D.
by the Renovator's Supply
Radiator Flange - Fleur de Lis Radiator Flange 1 11/16 in. I.D. by the Renovator's Supply
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MATERIAL - These unique radiator pipe flanges are built of Solid Aluminium material. Install the strong Escutcheon ring plates around your pipe for a classy finish. The carved in Vintage Curled Fleur De Lis Floral design with black rust resistant powder coat finish escutcheons complements almost all home decor styles. It is the perfect solution for covering unsightly or unevenly cut holes around pipes.
  • DIMENSION - The Inner Diameter is 1.5 inches. It may not fit if Pipe is 1.5 Inches, get a big one if bigger. The outer diameter is 3 1/4 Inches.
  • LUXURIOUS BLACK PIPE FLANGES - Our Easy Snap on assembly design is ideal for replacing escutcheons around radiator floor pipes or anywhere a typical one-piece escutcheon is not possible. Our exclusive black powder coating not only prevents these from rust, but also provides an extraordinary authentic black finish - Ultra Durable Quality!
  • SUPER EASY INSTALL - Just a Snap, and it is Done! No more digging and drilling! Its the best choice of all DIY Home Decor/Renovation Projects. Use these radiator Collars to replace your old ones. Maintenance free Pipe Flange Plates or Collars.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Our black powder coat finish is designed to protect the item from rust for many years to come. We provide 100% Satisfaction guarantee for 60 days with our decorative black Aluminium radiator pipe flanges.


Cover your hideous pipes with these strong rust resistant rustic black powder coated Alumium Radiator Flanges. The simple and industrial Fleur De Lis design complements traditional and contemporary decor. These Radiator Flanges will bring your house or store a Loft Retro Industrial charm.


- Measures 3 1/4 in. O.D and 1.5 in. I.D.
- Easy to assemble, just snap-in both pieces together around the radiator pipe
- Replace old and rusty radiator flanges with rust resistant decorative radiator flanges
- Black Powder Coating for a luxurious finish
- Maintenance free
- Not like those Cheap flanges
- Use flanges slightly larger (I.D.) in dia. than your pipe


These are carefully wrapped to avoid any scratches or damage in the transit process. Renovators Supply Manufacturing offers you great value products for your money and a perfect way to spend wisely. We also provide 60 days guarantee with no fee.

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